At DM Tech Systems we believe that functional utility and scalable and sensible architecture are required for a successful application.

We accomplish this by engaging our customers in a forward-thinking and flexible iterative development process that drives true innovation and the creative process. Business to consumer applications are fun to build and pretty straight forward, but developing systems with integrated work-streams and electronic communication and authorizations is where we separate ourselves from the pack. Furthermore, we are experts in developing back-office systems geared towards increasing efficiencies and reducing associated cost by deploying integrated applications that collects, stores, and delivers business information to your employees in the office or in the field with real-time active database connectivity.

Some of our past work includes:

  1. Performance analytics system with mobile app integration
  2. POS system with mobile app integration
  3. Restaurant food-service app
  4. Pet-finder app for android and iOS
  5. Maintenance management and resource tracking system
  6. Mobile ecommerce platform with multi-role functionality
  7. Back-office budget collection application, with multi-user interface and integrated calendar
  8. Various other web, mobile app, and custom business customer facing and back-office systems

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